Saturday, 14 February 2015

Celebrating St Valentine's Day!

Today is the Feast of St Valentine which the world over celebrates with chocolates, love hearts, flowers, dates, dinners and the like.

Basket of love

But there is more to it than this. 

This year I was inspired to do more to involve the children in this special day celebrating the love between my husband and I. Through learning about St Valentine and the activities that followed, the children were able to express their love in a creative way and in turn shared their love with loved ones. Children have so much love to give!

St Valentine (public image)

So who was St Valentine?

We learnt that St Valentine lived around 200AD. He was a holy priest in Rome who assisted the martyrs in the persecution under Claudius II. Valentine was caught marrying Christian couples and helping them escape persecution. For his "crimes", he was arrested and sent to the Prefect of Rome. He was asked to renounce his faith, which he refused to do, which led to his martyrdom on 14 February 269AD, which is now his feast day.

Interestingly, St Valentine is the Patron Saint not only of engaged couples, happy marriages and love, but also of bee-keepers, epilepsy, fainting, greetings, plague, travellers, and young people.

Here's a pictorial of the children's activities

Colouring in

Making greeting notes

Soon to be hand delivered notes 
Brother Francis' colouring in picture (a free download)

Miss 3's included a double border 

Love note from Master 5

Today we are off to a birthday party as a family, and later return to make a cake and a special family dinner together to celebrate this honourable St Valentine!

Wishing you a very Happy St Valentine's Day!
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