Saturday, 20 December 2014

Trash or Treasure

As a child, I used to rearrange my bedroom frequently. I don't know how I managed to move the heavy items, but I did. Mum never stopped me from doing this 'necessary' work, and she'd always survey the changes and improvements. I seemed to crave change and the need to move things to see if I could get a better use of space and creative flow. I loved (and still do) the freshness of a newly arranged room, complete with clean sheets. It brings a distinct lightness in the air for me.

Whilst rearranging and cleaning was going on, I would end up with a collection of what became my 'Trash or Treasure' which I would offer to my younger sisters, much to their delight.

Garage Sales are a perfect opportunity to have a poke around in the hope of finding some treasure. Last Saturday my husband picked up an extensive rubber collection for just $2. Definite treasure! I had noticed a few of these rubbers in Daiso a few weeks ago and didn't think much of them, but with a collection this large there are lots of ways you could work with them.

Part of the collection

For example
- language building skills (talking about what they see i.e. colours, shapes, food groups)
- sorting (fruit, vegetables, sweet, savoury, edible, non-edible)
- arranging in biggest to smallest (size, numbers)
- creating and following a shopping list (reading and writing)
- playing shops (communication, vocabulary, pretend play, grace & courtesy)
- counting (numbers, grouping)
- grouping (vocabulary)
- letterwork, "I spy"

Sorting by cutlery, fruit, drinks, noodles

What would you like, Mum?
Here you are!

As the saying goes "one man's trash is another man's treasure"!

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