Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Spontaneous dates

Recently my husband and I enjoyed a spontaneous lunch date at Hanoi Quan, a newish Vietnamese restaurant in the inner south west, while the children visited Grandma, Grandfather and their aunties and uncles who live nearby.

Tea for two

My husband is much more familiar with Vietnamese cuisine than I am; he introduced me to the light and fresh taste of Vietnam the summer leading up to our first son's birth, almost five years ago now. 

Typical condiments as part of the table setting,
looking very attractive and decorative 

He went out for Mass one hot Sunday morning and returned home with a delicious Vietnamese salad dish "Bún". Light yet very filling vermicelli rice noodles, fresh Vietnamese mint, bean sprouts, cucumber, carrot, topped with sliced hot deep fried spring rolls (my favourite part). It came with a thin sweet chilli sauce served on the side, to add according to your taste. We enjoyed this dish a number of Sundays leading up to our sons arrival and then when we went to enjoy it again, a year or so later only to find the restaurant was no longer there. We tried others, but it was not the same. Eventually we gave up.


Well, we thought we had given up. But then we found Hanoi Quan. When we saw "Bún" on the menu at Hanoi Quan, without question we ordered it. 

My husband had a variation with prawn on a cane stick in lieu of the spring rolls. It was delicious. The serving size was large, the spring rolls were perfectly deep fried and crispy, and together with the sauce and noodles it was just like five years ago - only better.
With three very busy little ones now, it's almost impossible to get time alone during daylight hours so our spontaneous date a few weeks ago was just what we needed.

"Bún" with prawns on an cane sugar

It goes without saying we love being with the children but regular dates are just so important for a healthy and happy relationship. Like any couple, we definitely need to be alone together sometimes to think and rejuvenate together, in order for our relationship to grow as well. Hanoi Quan was the perfect oasis in our busy lives - we certainly left feeling happy, full, reenergised and inspired.

Needless to say our next date has been booked in ahead for my husbands birthday just before Christmas. No prizes for guessing where we'll be going!

Coconut water, a must have

What do you do to develop your relationship with your spouse when you're busy running a family? I'd be interested to hear your ideas.

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