Saturday, 6 December 2014

Happy Feast of St Nicholas!

Today we celebrated the feast of St Nicholas. As the focus of our Christmas celebration is not the commercialised "Santa Claus", this is a great date for the children to learn about St Nicholas and the celebrate and to give the children a little gift during Advent. Traditionally, chocolate gold coins are ideal to give, but this year I wasn't organised and chose something from their Christmas presents which I had wrapped last night.

We are a big fan of the Brother Francis colouring books and DVDs. This morning I downloaded a free printable from the Herald Store for the children to colour in during the day and we read the St Nicholas story this evening to the children at prayer time.

Here is the day in photos.

Miss 3 colouring-in

The altar is set by the children before
prayers begin
The new animal cards from Woolworths also have a place... they
are God's creatures after all.

The sun having gone down on Saturday, Sunday "begins",
according to the Hebrew reckoning which we follow, and
the second candle in our Advent wreath is lit symbolising that
the second week in Advent has begun.

Our Nativity scene: only Mary, Joseph, the
donkey, the ox and the Angel are present.
Awaiting the arrival of the newborn King.
Reading the prayer from the Feast of St Nicholas from the
Monastic Diurnal.

The story of St Nicholas

St Nicholas's Day gifts
Lego for Master 4

A collection of 8 Curious George stories for Miss 3

And a drum for our little drummer boy

From our home to yours, a very happy Feast of St Nicholas to you!

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