Sunday, 7 December 2014

After the storm

Today we had three 'severe' storms pass over our home. Lots of lightning, tremendous thunder, a pelting down of hail (on a 30 degree summer's day) and of course, lots of rain. 

I love the rain. I especially love the garden after the rain. The smell of damp soil, mulch and grass, the fresh, cool air to breathe in, walking in bare feet through water puddles on the deck and the crunch of feel of the spiky grass underfoot in the backyard.

Here's a look around the garden after the final storm for the day.

Our little red wagon
Freshly fallen gum leaves, still vibrant

Literally buckets of water
Escallonias, mint, brachyscome and a vibrant coloured daisy

Crepe murtle

I love the colours of this gum tree after the rain.
The last of the three storms passing

Master 4's building site was completely flooded
The hydrangeas have begun flowering again in time for Christmas

Delicate seaside daisies enjoying the rain

The children's watering cans ready for tomorrow

New growth on the magnolia 
The jacaranda and the gumtrees

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