Friday, 5 December 2014

A dog for Christmas

For a number months now our youngest has been cruising around the couches, chairs, beds, baths, drawers, low benches and the like. On each occasion he has been gaining speed and confidence and loving it. Keeping up with his older siblings is a big driver and then just last week he took off all by himself and has been thriving. He's so very satisfied with himself and we are so overjoyed for him.

Here are a few of his first steps from last week.

Slow and steady

Balancing takes practice

Holding onto an item can aid in the early stages of walking

For Christmas, we've decided to give him a dog to take him on his walks. This particular pull along dog by Plan Toys, a brand I love, is named 'Happy Puppy'. Happy Puppy for a very happy boy!

Our new dog

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