Friday, 14 November 2014

Woolworths Super Animals, card collecting fun!

Woolworths has begun the next card collecting activity. This time it's the Super Animals. The last two times we just collected the cards, read and talked about them together, looked at the interesting animals, played with them and kept them in a tin box. This time the children are a little more interested. As Master 4 is reading, he wants to read more, he wants to know more and is super interested in these Super Animals!

Today at school drop off, a friend had brought his collecting album in. Master 4 and he immediately went into conversation about his album discussing which cards they each had. When I left after hugs and kisses for younger sister, he almost didn't break to say good-bye which is most out of character.

Judging his interest level I bought two albums later that morning. At pick up time I gave them to the children in the car to look at and they started putting the cards immediately. Every so often I'd hear my son call out "Mum, did you know....?!" He is enjoying them. Miss 3 also, but in a different way. She found a strawberry looking frog which has caught her eye.

I hadn't really had a thorough look at the folders until they had started working with them, but they are jam packed full of interesting facts, dot to dots, mazes and activities to do. Perfect for them right now. Over on the Woolworths Super Animals page, there is information about how you can earn a free ticket to Taronga Zoo Sydney or Taronga Western Plains Zoo Dubbo. I think that's what we'll be aiming for! How about you? 

Here they are at work

Jammed packed full of activity! 
Miss 3 looking for shoes

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