Sunday, 19 October 2014

Spring. Flower arranging

Three little children under five years old has made for a very busy life for my husband and me, which we love and cherish. What it has meant on a practical side is that jobs for inside and outside the home need to be prioritised accordingly. It's not possible to do everything; that can be difficult. For the perfectionist in me, it's been a big learning curve and in turn a big 'learning to accept' curve as well.

Both our front yard and back yard have been housing many, many, many dandelions, and whilst I think they look very pretty, cheery and bright to look at en masse, and the children love picking them to give, my husband thinks otherwise. They had become quite thick, and with all the rain in the last week it has been great for them...but not for our lawn. Today was their last day. A visiting brother kindly brought his lawn mower to help save our lawn and I must admit it has made a huge difference.

Pretty, cheery and bright… 

Collecting the flowers

While my husband was outside mowing, edging and blowing, our daughter was inside having a quiet activity with flower arranging. What I find most interesting is the thought that goes into the flowers chosen, how they are arranged and then how they are distributed around the home. There is careful consideration as to which vase us for who, and where it is positioned. I love being a witness to her generosity and thoughtfulness, which comes so naturally to her. (She told my husband spontaneously this afternoon "when you are sick, I will come and help you.")

Flowers for arranging

Here's where they were placed around the home today… 

For little brother atop a corner of his cot

Her chest of drawers

For my bedside table

For dad's bedside table
For the lounge room window on the left

And the other lounge room window


  1. I really loved this post! Such lovely imagery in the pictures and words :)
    Also, it reminded me of another mother's reflection... she was talking about how people, whether they were in the shopping centre or elsewhere, would comment on how she "had her hands full" with her little ones all moving around her. She replied with, "yes, my hands are full - full of joy."

    1. Absolutely NaomiStyle! Children bring so much joy!


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