Monday, 15 September 2014

Pincer grip, play-doh, beads and toothpicks

Spring has arrived! We certainly felt it today. Any water on the children's gumboots has well and truly dried up and are back in their shoe baskets after being out next to the front door for a very, long time.

Today's (new) sensory activity began with teamwork.

Next rolling pins.

Next beads and tooth picks and off you go!

They loved it, working quietly and intently side by side. 

Little brother loved it too. He's well and truly on the move, crawling (gaining speed), pulling up, standing up and cruising a little, always watching and desperately wanting to join in. Soon baby, soon you can.

And I loved it, because as much as I enjoy watching them moving and climbing and jumping and running and scooting and riding bikes, the activities which call for the fine motor skills, creativity and concentration really s l o w s them down and this gave me the window to pick up little brother after his keen observation and quietly go and put him down for his afternoon nap and that is just the best feeling.

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