Monday, 15 September 2014

Pincer grip, play-doh, beads and toothpicks

Spring has arrived! We certainly felt it today. Any water on the children's gumboots has well and truly dried up and are back in their shoe baskets after being out next to the front door for a very, long time.

Today's (new) sensory activity began with teamwork.

Next rolling pins.

Next beads and tooth picks and off you go!

They loved it, working quietly and intently side by side. 

Little brother loved it too. He's well and truly on the move, crawling (gaining speed), pulling up, standing up and cruising a little, always watching and desperately wanting to join in. Soon baby, soon you can.

And I loved it, because as much as I enjoy watching them moving and climbing and jumping and running and scooting and riding bikes, the activities which call for the fine motor skills, creativity and concentration really s l o w s them down and this gave me the window to pick up little brother after his keen observation and quietly go and put him down for his afternoon nap and that is just the best feeling.

Friday, 12 September 2014

Loaves, fishes and motherhood, a Friday reflection

Tonight over dinner we read a story from our favourite bible, The Usborne Children's Bible. The children take turns in choosing a story, tonight my son chose the Loaves and Fishes.

What is a 'miracle'? 

As I read the story while juggling the baby and the older two enjoyed their drumsticks, I read how "Jesus was feeling tired and wanted to go to a quiet place to have a little time by himself". I felt at that point as though He was reading my mind. The story goes on "He and his disciples sailed across Lake Galilee to a lonely beach… but some people had seen where Jesus went and news that he was there quickly spread. Soon people started to walk from the towns and villages to see and hear him." As I read this I was thinking "This, this is just like how mothers feel, mother of one, mother of three, mother of more".

We wonder "what would Jesus do?" Well, what Jesus did was this. 

The disciples wanted to send the people away but Jesus felt sorry for them. He walked among them, talking to them, answering their questions and making the ill ones well. More and more people came until there were thousands of them (and I'm thinking I only have three…).

In the evening, a disciple said to Jesus "It's time these people went home. Send them away now so they can find food. There's nothing here for them to eat". (This certainly happens here too!)

Jesus said, "They are hungry, we must feed them first".


What the children were learning about was the miracle of the loaves and fishes and how one young boy's generosity with his five small loaves and two fishes fed the thousands. What I was learning was that even though Jesus, was feeling tired wanted to rest, He still continued to shepherd his sheep, He didn't stop to rest at all but rather continued on without anyone knowing how tired He was.

I see the dinner and before their eyes close as the 'home stretch' of the day. It can be and usually is full on. Any leftover energy comes out around this time, so it is usually very loud and noisy, they are tired, they are hungry, there are tears, and after dinner there's the bath or shower, there are stories, hugs, kisses, chit-chats, night-time music, they come out, they go back in, they come out, they go back in, they are hungry, they are fed them, then back to bed, until finally their little bodies are so worn out they give in to fighting their closing eyes and *I breathe out* the day is over, mmmm…. we made it. 

Tonight I had the spiritual inspiration from Jesus with me to get to this point and I experienced the comfort that I wasn't alone.

Dear Jesus, thank you for today and the four blessings that I have; my husband and our three children xx

Usually at bath time or story time  my husband arrives home and swings into the bedtime routine. As today was Friday, he picked up some fish and prepared a dinner for us to enjoy while the children were tucked up in bed fast asleep.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Dairy free banana pancakes!

Our littlest is dairy free. Now that he is well and truly on solids, I'm now on the lookout for new things for him to try. 

I stumbled across this recipe the other day over at Thank Heavens and have made it a twice since. The recipe calls for only three ingredients - how easy is that?!

My eldest son helped yesterday for our first batch and I made them again today. Simply delicious!

2 eggs
1 banana 
1/4 gluten free flour (I substituted this for plain flour)

Mix ingredients
Cook with a little oil both sides in the fry pan and serve. Enjoy - our littlest does!

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