Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Mussorgsky's Pictures at a Museum, a Symphony for the children

Earlier in the month I spoke of the flu that we were recovering from. It was horrible! It took us out for about two weeks each. We've never been that sick before. We spent a lot of time either at home or the doctor's surgery, drinking soup, resting and limiting the 'in and out of the car' time as much as possible.

When a friend alerted me to the performance of Mussorgsky's Pictures at the Museum at Willoughby Symphony, it was music to my ears. The Children's Concert promised just under an hour of music and then an hour of craft. Music and craft? Perfect! This time I purchased three tickets, one for my eldest son and me, and one for my daughter. This would be her first symphony and a great outing following all the sickness.

Her First Symphony

We arrived and made it to our seats in time for the children to watch the string instruments tuning up. Our seats for this symphony were box seats, high up above the orchestra in line with the brass and woodwind instruments. My son, remembering the orchestra from his first experience last year for Journey to the Planets  enjoyed soaking it all in from a different angle. My daughter on the other hand was more impressed with the soft, cushy, cherry-red seats that folded up and down and delighted in noticing that there was no plate number on hers. 

Once the tuning was completed the conductor took the children through the chosen piece in bite size pieces. In between he introduced a selection of the instruments and involved the children in the audience with questions and answers. Then bringing it all together at the end by playing a abridged version of the thirty minute piece. You could say there was movement played by the orchestra and also movement by us -- within the box to get a closer view at the orchestra (and two visits to the restroom) - they loved it all.


Following the performance we headed straight to the craft tables, which the children had seen setting up earlier, and were keen to get started.

Glue, stickers, pencils, perfect!

For those curious about the instruments, a trumpeter and cellist brought their instruments out for the children to have a look. What a great opportunity it was. My son had a play of the cello and a bit of a laugh with cellist as well, it was lovely to see smiles on their faces. Thank you for sharing and thank you Willoughby Symphony!

A selection of artworks was on display to enjoy
as well

Afterwards, we crossed the road to complete our lovely outing with a scoop of mango sorbet each for the children. Perfetto!

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