Monday, 7 July 2014

Chinese Chicken and Sweetcorn Soup

Until I was married I had only known the cup-a-soup variety of today's soup. It was simple. Boil water, empty sachet into cup, pour boiling water in and stir. Enjoy with hot buttered toast -- delicious! 

That was then; This is now. 

My husband is Singaporean Chinese. I have learnt an incredible amount through him about Asian cuisine and I continue to learn. My mother-in-law is an excellent cook. All her cooking is done with love, generosity and care. She would often make us meals to take home and enjoy for dinner when we'd visit on a Sunday for lunch or at the time when we lived nearby, she'd offer to drop a meal in for us. When I was first pregnant this was an absolute Godsend. One of the first meals she kindly made for us was chicken and sweet corn soup. After a few years, I asked her to show me how to make it and I'm so glad I did! She told me the recipe is from the Hilton, Singapore. 

Yesterday I prepared the stock and today on this chilly evening we enjoyed the soup.

Chicken and Sweet Corn Soup
1 chicken breast, cut up finely
1 egg
salt and ground pepper
1/2 spanish onion, finely chopped (brown onion is fine as a substitute) 
1L homemade chicken stock (I like the Massel brand if using a store bought brand)
2 tins creamed corn
1 tin corn kernels
sesame oil
shallots, sliced

Separate egg
Prepare chicken marinade by mixing together chicken with egg white and season with salt & pepper
In a large saucepan, gently fry onion with a little oil until soft
Add marinated chicken to saucepan and cook through
Cover with chicken stock, bring to boil then simmer for ten minutes
Add tins of creamed corn and corn kernels, simmer for a further twenty minutes
Stir through egg yolk
Check for season and add salt and pepper to your taste
Serve with a sesame sauce and shallots and enjoy with your choice of green tea

This soup can easily be extended simply by adding steamed rice on the side and certainly you could add more or less tins of corn or chicken stock.
Divide it up and freeze it for some quick lunches during winter. 

This definitely isn't as simple as my cup-a-soup life was, but it is certainly worth the extra steps. You could still have it with hot buttered toast if you like, although my husband wouldn't agree! 


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  1. This looks great - I think I'll try it! I really love adding rice to soups these days :)


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