Saturday, 14 June 2014

Friday at home and a practical life work

Today my son stayed for a 'long day' at school which includes lunch and Montessori Home Environment with a pick up in the afternoon. This is only the second time he's stayed for MHE and he was very excited. He had a very full lunch bag and a big smile. He cheerfully and excitedly gave us multiple kisses good-bye at the gate and headed into his classroom for the day.

It is rare that he is apart from me for such a long time and I was going to take the opportunity and catch up on things at home. The laundry piles, the ironing, the folding, the washing, putting things away … all those things which are very everyday but to me can be so very very satisfying once completed. Clean surfaces and order restored. I had the energy and the motivation and I had a bonus set of little hands willing to help.

I set up a folding work for my helper at the nearby table. Showing her how to fold the first cloth, she set off quietly, setting her own pace. While I ironed my way through the overflowing basket, my little helper folded the cleaning cloths, lined them up, (at this point I stepped in to direct her) put them into her tub, took the tub over to the drawer and neatly packed the cloths away ready for the next person. This is the first time she's had the concentration, without the distraction of her older brother, to do this work and it was a success. The focus was there and the job was done in a methodical and ordered manner. The smile on her face said it all and the smile on my face matched hers. 

The importance of presenting these important works to willing hands, at the right time, goes a long way. 

From little things big things grow.

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