Sunday, 11 May 2014

Through the eyes of a child

The best things we can give our children are materials that allow for open ended play. Blocks, train sets, lego, LaQ, pencils, paper, pattern blocks, cardboard boxes, masking tape, glue, old magazines, scissors, dolls houses, cars, trucks, empty containers for 'shops' and bath time to name a few. All of these are materials which allow for the child to explore their creativity and develop ideas. Further, a child will have phases with particular materials and will generally play differently with his or her materials at different ages gradually getting more sophisticated with their ideas.

Here is a scene from today. 

Where does your imagination take you :)

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Like a little leaf or feather, in the windy windy weather

My daughter and I recently borrowed this gorgeous book from the local library and I feel compelled to share it with you. Davy and the Duckling by Margaret Wild with illustrations by Julie Vivas.

The story follows the friendship between a little duckling that's just hatched and the first thing it sees is Davy. 'That duckling thinks that you're its mother,' says Davy's dad. 
'Then I will be its mother,' says Davy. The simple beauty of friendship of a young boy with a farm animal is tender and heartfelt. The story takes us from that first moment of the duck seeing Davy and follows the friendship through childhood and to adulthood and beyond.

The watercolour illustrations by Julie Vivas are warm, gentle, engaging and soothing, and certainly page turners, just right for that bedtime story which has to be read multiple times before the 'one last time'.  

There was a little song that my daughter and I learnt at the little toddler play group that we attend together. It goes like this  

Like a little leaf or feather 
In the windy, windy weather
They go up and down, and round and round 
And all fall down together.

On the inside of this book, there are a variety of feathers old and new in brown, orange, rust red, light blue, grey, turquoise and dark blue belonging to the duckling. As an extension to reading the book, we start by pretending to pick a feather up in each hand from the cover and then sing the above little song, multiple times, with accompanying hand movements before beginning the story. Its just delightful, and my daughter, who has just in the last few weeks, has started to enjoy accompanying hand actions to songs, loves this and requests the song over and over again. So attentive she is to wanting to get the timing right too… oh, how I love these frequent little joys in motherhood!

I think I'll be ordering this book, it's a keeper. 

Wishing you all a restful nights sleep.
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