Saturday, 8 March 2014

Purple is for preparation; Craft for Lent

Children love craft. It's the glue and the scissors and the glitter and the hole puncher and the stapler and the sticky tape and the.. there's just so much you can do!

Today we got out the craft basket and set to work on a Lenten Calendar. The aim of the calendar is to provide a visual aid during Lent. The dates are colour coded to let us know of 'fast days' where there is opportunity for giving up something that we love, thinking of someone in need and how we can help or offering up a 'hurt'. The 'feast days' are the ones where we can look forward to and enjoy with something special.

Although the text isn't clear you can get
an idea of the fast and feast days in Lent.

The first part of the activity involved creating the calendar, next cutting up strips of purple and gold paper and then pasting on the individual rectangles for each day. There was discussion about the colours that we are using and the days themselves. The colours come directly from what the priest wears for the liturgy on that day: purple on the 'fast' days and white or gold on the 'feast days'. There is a little song that the children sing at Catechesis of the Good Shepard which teaches the children the meaning behind the liturgical colours:

Purple and green, red and white
Are the colours of the year
Purple and green, red and white 
Remind us of the Light
Purple is for preparation, white is for celebration
Green is for the growing time and red is for Pentecost!

Every child loves stickers! 

Following on from the calendar activity this afternoon, during dinner my husband read the Easter Story to the children and discussed the story. We used the same book last year to introduce Easter to our son which he thoroughly enjoyed. There are 60 stickers to use to fill in the gaps in the story. Last year to build up to Easter he choose a few stickers to stick in the book each day. We'll use the same approach this year as well. Our daughter has her own, as she may use her book in a different way. The Easter Story Sticker Book is one of those 'good books' which I highly highly recommend. It's simple enough to capture and hold the attention of the little ones and the pictures are so gentle and pleasing to the eye, and they in turn are learning the meaning of Easter.

An excellent resource to introduce key stories
from the Old and New Testament to young

Later on, my husband extended 'Easter' with our son a little more at bedtime and with few stories from his well-used The Children's Bible; Jesus Rides into Jerusalem and The Last Supper. With that introduction to Lent we are ready for Week 1 of Lent! 

Now I just need to fill in the blanks with activities… I'm open to ideas for the children so please feel free to contact me here or on email, I love hearing from you!

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  1. Creating the calendar together is a great initiative to help them live the Church's calendar - there's time to fast and a time to feast. It would have been fun to make and now you've got a finished artwork that will be a daily visual for living a shared faith; and for teaching time management! Maybe you could paint boiled eggs next a la the Greek tradition? Or there might be some other cultural activities out there… x Bridget


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