Saturday, 2 November 2013

The gardenia, an exquisite and romantic way to start the day

As a child, I remember Dad teaching me about cross-air ventilation. I'm guessing this must have been in summertime and my room was hot. We didn't have fixed or portable fans so learning about cross-air ventilation saved me during those hot summer nights. I've realised now that I reflect, I have an almost obsessive morning habit of opening every window and door we have in the house to let in the fresh cool morning air of the day. It doesn't bother me at all that I may have to close them all again within an hour. I find this habit particularly interesting now as I came back from further testing with the allergist as having a very strong mould allergy. Natural cross-air ventilation is a key in preventing mould. No doubt its the subconscious in play! Thanks Dad.

We have a potted gardenia at the step to our front porch which mum kindly gave me when we moved in. It has easily grown to almost double it size. "Water" she said, "make sure it's watered". Thank you Mum. I absolutely love it and here's why.

In the last few weeks, the days have been very hot and all the buds are opening up and displaying their wonderfully delicate, creamy white blossoms greeting me with the most gorgeous scent when I open the front door each morning. In comes the fresh morning breeze and on the same crisp wave arrives the exquisite gardenia scent. Oh, I don't think I will ever tire of opening my front door this summer or any summer! Our gardenia is full of buds patiently waiting for their turn to shine. 

Below is a recent opener which I just had to stop and capture to share. If only scent could be shared over the internet too. Stop and smell one on your next walk or perhaps your date could wear one as a corsage, or your husband on a 'dinner-date-night at home' if you have little ones? Very old fashioned I know, but how very romantic! ;)

Gardenia is also described as a flower of love and romance 


  1. Hello! My name is Theresa Cross. Your husband Tom knew my dad, Gerald Malsbary, in Philadelphia (in the states). Tom just recommended your blog to me on Facebook probably because I am a Montessori teacher for ages 3-6. We just had our first child in August and I'm trying to apply as much Infant Montessori as I can. We have a floor bed for her, mobiles, etc. One of my favorite Montessori related blogs is based in Australia too. Maybe you've heard of it: Its been an almost constant source of inspiration for Montessori at home.

  2. Hi Theresa! Thanks for stopping by :)
    A hearty congratulations to you and your husband - what a joy!
    My husband often talks about his time in Philadelphia.
    Yes! I love Kylie's blog, I can't even think when I started following her it's been so long. It is such a great help and exactly what you say - very inspirational for Montessori at home.
    Hope you visit the blog again :)


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