Sunday, 3 November 2013

I love Sydney! Pirrama Park, Pymont

This would have to be one of the best parks in Sydney that we have taken the children to so far.

We have previously only driven past this park, not really taking too close a look but noting its water play feature for future reference. Today was the day. The day was forecasted to be hot, and we were in the area for Mass anyway, so it made sense not only to pack casual play clothes but also swimmers and rash vests for water play.

Pirrama Park is found at the end of Harris Street in Pyrmont. On one side of the road is a huge sandstone wall and on the other, the park. Given the history, the industrial feel of Jacksons Landing has been maintained. The use of recycled timber in particular to create structures adds a very earthy and distressed feel. The colours are soothing, enticing and automatically relaxing. There are lots of native plants around to subtly demarcate play spaces. The park itself is very attractive from an adult perspective and I can only imagine very fascinating for the curious child. It has been a multiple award winning park, notably the 2010 Kidsafe National Playspace Design Awards and it's not hard to tell why. 

What a park! We headed straight for the water. This was a series of water fountains spurting from the ground to create a tunnel of water. The children were a little sheepish at the start and enjoyed observing others until ready to test it out. They played together for a little while before our son headed over to the sandpit. Our daughter, the water-baby, continued running through the water, filling her hat and paper cup with water with such pure delight!

Water features

A glockenspiel - just find a stick! 

Fantastic netting for climbing, which also had a slide and a few
seating options

A sensory or musical option

Even the bathrooms had a certain aesthetic to it which was

The features we loved and used today were the water fountains, sandpit, climbing ropes, swings, glockenspiel, slides and fortress type structure for toddlers. My husband and son enjoyed a gentle stroll around the peninsular before we set off home. In addition to this, there is lots of space for wheeled adventures, be it tricycle, bike or scooter. The BBQ area was in use at full capacity with a large group of Japanese students all having a great time.

The only downside would be that there were not enough shaded areas for sitting.

As we were leaving, my husband and I got talking to a mother who had brought her two little girls along. It turns out she worked for the company which designed the park. A feature she mentioned was that instead of using fencing to enclose the playground, the park relies on a series of barriers so that children are naturally impeded from leaving an area, without intrusive fencing, thereby making the space "open" yet "contained". Such a great park! Something for everyone. 

And just when we thought it couldn't get any better, we see a cafe through the sprinklers - coffee and ice-cream are on hand! Oh, we are coming back for sure!

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