Thursday, 10 October 2013

Living Yeast Free - A New Beginning

For the last six weeks our family have all been living yeast & mould free to some extent to support my son's totally yeast & mould free diet. My son was the first to get tested early September following his hives episode a few months ago now (you can catch up on it here) and since then, my husband, daughter and I have come back as being allergic to yeast also (myself being the main one - argh!!). The good thing is that now that we are all on the same diet, things seem a whole lot easier and brighter funnily enough.

Why was this a BIG deal for me? I love good food and I love cooking enormously. I've been reading the Sydney Morning Herald's 'Good Food' lift-out since the late 1990s and I feel food defines me in some weird way. The day I found out I felt my world had collapsed. I started a post that day but cried instead. All the things we wouldn't be able to 'enjoy' anymore, I thought (then). Here was my account of the first three days:

Day 1 - Test results indicate mould and yeast intolerance
Day 2 - The processing begins. Going to the supermarket and fruit&vegetable shop. Held back tears looking at the ingredients in various cereals, malted barley was in all cereals. The familiar Weetbix are out. I couldn't stop the tears when I pushed the noticeably smaller, emptier shopping trolley to the car. I cried in the car. 
Day 3 - I cried again today preparing dinner. The same dinner as last night, because I couldn't think what else to make. 

I stopped after day three as I had lost my motivation for most things while I was distracted processing it all. In hindsight it took me a good month to get my head around it and now six weeks later I feel a whole lot more confident with what we can and can't have. It helped A LOT to talk to friends who are also on diets for their different allergies and intolerances. Knowing that life can and does go on with exclusions and working around them is a big relief. Ultimately knowing that the diet is there to improve our health is the main driver of course. Today for example I passed on the 'weak latte and pear danish' treat and instead opted for a perfectly ripe banana and sweet, crunchy, juicy pink lady apple. Delicious! The best thing about it was not having that lagging, heavy, foggy feeling for hours afterwards. Winner!

This afternoon I cleared the pantry and fridge of any offending items ready to give away.  The freezer will be reviewed tomorrow and all three will get a spring clean on Saturday. I'm rather looking forward to it, a fresh start is just around the corner. I'm at the very beginning of a somewhat exciting learning curve and mindset adjustment. 

Have you had any experience with yeast free and/or mould free diets? Any links you'd recommend? I would love to hear from you!


  1. Theresa, on my gosh, you've just shared something so personal which is really a turning point in your life & you're going to get through this. Here's to a healthier life and decluttering foods that aren't helping you live life to the full! xx Bridget

    1. Thanks Bridget, I really appreciate your support ♥ xx Theresa


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