Sunday, 1 September 2013

Flowers and the Joy of Giving

I've always loved flowers. I loved them in a different way when my husband began sending bunches to me at work. I'd receive a call from the mail room on level 6 and off I'd go to collect them. I loved receiving mail room calls! On my birthday in the first year of us knowing each other - before we started officially going out, he sent me an arrangement so big I had to take a cab home and the flowers took up the whole back seat!! Many people heard about the arrangement throughout the day at work and came to admire the flowers. They were stunning. I'd never seen an arrangement like it! It was such a wonderful feeling. I felt the love. Needless to say we started going out soon after that!

Whilst I was expecting my son, I attended a 'Floral Art' course through a Community College, just for fun. The course included payment for flowers, so each week I'd bring home a bunch or an arrangement in a box that I'd created to enjoy or give away. absolutely loved it. I'm by no means an expert now but I thoroughly enjoy the creative side of arranging flowers and filling our home with beauty from outside as well as sharing the joy in giving.

Early last week I experienced an intense stomach pain and coupled with an excessive physical exertion leading up to and after my daughters birthday party led to a overnight hospital stay under the doctors orders. My mother-in-law arrived late that night and heroically looked after the children whilst my husband took me to the hospital and waited patiently with me for the test results for potential appendicitis. Today in appreciation, I arranged a bouquet to give to her. My husband made a thank-you card with the children and they had a wonderful time drawing their own thank you message inside. Simple and inexpensive (compared to a florist prepared bunch) the flowers and hand-made card were very well received. A bonus, we even have leftovers for our own home!

Geraldton wax, ranunculis and yellow bells

Tomorrow, the children will do their flower arranging activity as mentioned in the previous post!

Flowers sourced from Harris Farm Markets

Floral Art courses are done at a variety of Community Colleges, the above link is just an example of one advertised at the moment.


  1. The picture is beautiful, it is so lovely that it picks up all the little features of the flowers.
    I loved hearing about the story of how flowers have been a pleasure to receive and give at different times in your life.

    1. Thank you! Yes, so true NaomiStyleWeekly, even the Geraldton wax - tiny as it is, has so much detail to it! Thankyou for the feedback :)


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