Saturday, 14 September 2013

Flower arranging by vase, a how to

Flower arranging always makes me smile. 

I have an ever-growing collection of vessels. From old passatta, condiment and spice jars, jugs, big tall vases to crystal vases from our engagement and wedding. My favourites though, would have to be the gorgeous old style crystal vessels and pottery style ones which I've picked up from various St Vincent de Paul shops over the last few years. They are so very handy for a small friendly arrangement from the garden to put on a bookshelf, the children's table, next to some icons, the entrance, to my favourite spot on the kitchen windowsill and even in the bathroom. A little display of flowers is a simple pleasure. A reminder of beauty and wonder in nature.

I wish to thank a very dear reader for emailing me this informative link Flower arranging by vase and I felt compelled to share it with you. I hope you enjoy!

Pottery vases, the far right one belonged to my dear Grandma xx

You can view a range of vases from a previous post here


  1. I love the idea of having so many little vases from a collection of sources! This adds so much character and atmosphere to the arrangements in the picture shown here. It is so exciting working with nature and specifically flowers because they are always new. As an aside, growth is just so exciting whether it be spiritual growth or just simply growth in the garden!
    Also, the link is great for the flower arrangements in the home or to give for some light refreshment.

    A lovely post such a pure joy to read, thank you!!


    1. Oh so very true! Each time I go to use a vase I am reminded of the little known history that goes with it. It is such a nice thought to think of the person who chose, bought and enjoyed it before me or likewise the person that gifted it to us!

      You are very kind, thanks for your feedback! XX


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