Friday, 9 August 2013

Strawberry milkshakes. The simple pleasures in life.

"At its best: For the sweetest Queensland strawberries, choose big fat ones showing the least white." SMH Good Food

"Three punnets of big, fat, delicious and juicy looking, shiny red, next-to-no-white strawberries for $3?" 

This is what welcomed me in the supermarket today. Why yes, thank you, I'll have some of those!

And here's how we enjoyed a punnet today after lunch. So refreshing and so good for you! 

Washing, preparation and cutting

The colour of these strawberries is just so vibrant!!

In they go!
All the strawberries have to be covered...


  1. This is FUN and FABULOUS!

    The photos are so clear and capture the moment as if it is still happening!!


    1. Thank you!!

      Yes this moment was repeated this morning with bananas as well. Both children participated in the preparation this time. There is always a 'warning' issued right before the blending starts to avoid any shocks "There's going to be a loud noise!" I think it adds to the excitement of making blended milkshakes, as my son operates the blender (with close supervision).

      Thanks for stopping by Naomi!



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