Sunday, 25 August 2013

Rhonda's Art and Good Books: Have you seen my egg?

The most beautiful thing I love about our home is the nature. We are very lucky to live in a suburb which has an abundance and variety of trees, shrubs, bushes and flowers. There are National Parks nearby and a plethora of birds which come to visit our back and front yards each day.

When we first moved here just over two years ago now, we noticed every single kookaburra that laughed. We noticed that they loved to gather in our 'old gum tree' in the backyard and laugh and laugh. We'd be captivated, admiring their beauty from the window or deck. Nature has so much to offer.

Kookaburra on our deck

At the shopping centre one day I came across Rhonda's Art, a pop-up stall. I couldn't take my eyes off her work. Rhonda's Art captured the detail, colour and beauty of the Australian wildlife in such a gentle and soothing way. I instantly thought a series of these would be great to have framed and hung for the children to admire. I am still yet to do this. A recent visit to her site, however, led me to a book that she has illustrated: "Have you seen my egg?"

Yesterday we celebrated my daughter's second birthday and she was given this very special book. It is gorgeous. A loving story of an emu looking for his missing egg. (Yes, the father looks after the eggs!) The children are taken along with the concerned emu on his search to other Australian animals and in turn, learn of their eggs and their hatchlings. The last four pages contain details of each of the animals featured in the story. It was the perfect gift for her and a great addition to our growing library. It sits now in their room, ready for storytelling again tomorrow.

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