Thursday, 15 August 2013

Lamb cutlets, French beans, roasted Roma tomatoes and pan-fried new potatoes to celebrate the Feast of the Assumption of Mary!

Today was a big feast day for us!

We celebrated by attending Mass in the city, colouring-in images of the Assumption and talking about the feast day throughout the day. We also enjoyed some art on our dinner table and a special dinner.

Colouring in Feast Day images

Art at our dinner table, a point of focus and discussion
My son prepared the beans.
Big ones for himself, mum and dad and little ones for his sister.
The far right container are the tops and tails. 

Crumbed lamb cutlets - perfectly pink and always a winner!

Crumbed lamb cutlets, French beans, roasted Roma tomatoes and pan-fried new potatoes. 

Peel, rinse, cover with salted water and gently boil for 15mins. 
Drain and put aside to cool.
Slice and pan fry in oil until golden.

Roasted Roma tomatoes
Wash, pat dry, cut in half or thirds depending on size.
Toss in small amount of oil, crushed garlic.
Place in lined baking tray and season with s&p and thyme.
Roast for 30mins on 200degrees.

French beans
Top and tail, rinse.
Bring salted water to boil.
Add beans and boil for 7 minutes.
Rinse under cold water.

Lamb cutlets
Take out of fridge 1hour prior to cooking to bring to room temperature.
Set up 3x shallow bowls - plain flour, beaten egg - a small amount of milk can be added and fine breadcrumbs. 
Dust in plain flour, then cover with the egg and finish off by covering with the breadcrumbs.
Shallow fry in oil on a low-medium heat until cooked. Pink is our preferred for lamb cutlets!

As far as sequence goes, I prepared potatoes first, then tomatoes and put them into the oven, my son prepared the beans and I prepared the cutlets. Once all the mise en place* was ready, water went on to boil for beans, potatoes had a head start in a large fry pan on gas heat and then the cutlets in separate smaller pan on induction heat.

Today, the children chose to eat at their 'little table' which was quite cosy for the three of us. They started with the 'chips' and beans first as they are pretty hungry by dinnertime! Then when the the cutlets and tomatoes were ready, I joined them and we discussed the special day and the art. A lovely way to enjoy the day!

Happy Feast of the Assumption from our home to yours! 

*mise en place - (wikipedia) a French phrase which means 'putting in place', as in set up. It is used in professional kitchens to refer to organising and arranging ingredients ... that a cook will require for the menu items the he or she expects to prepare during his/her shift. The practice is also effective in home kitchens.
Images from here and here.
Online Art was found here and here.

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