Monday, 19 August 2013

I love Sydney! The perfect Sunday.

Spring is just around the corner. I can feel it already. The sun is just bursting with warmth, joy and promise. It greeted us in the early morning yesterday as we cruised over the Harbour Bridge, accompanied with the clearest blue sky you could hope for. I love it.

Yesterday was one of those perfect Sundays. Low Mass in the morning, followed by takeaway coffee and French pastries for morning tea in a wonderfully sunny spot in the park with two of my darling sisters and our growing family. Just basking in the sun and catching up on life. My son had a great time running free and my daughter equally loved it because of all the dogs! Usually the dogs are all on leads but yesterday it seemed every one of the twenty or so dogs that passed us were without them, coming up to greet us and have a friendly poke around. Almost losing track of time, we reluctantly left with assurance that we'd come back soon, and parted.

We enjoyed lunch back at home on the deck. The classic BLET. Bacon, crispy cos lettuce, fried egg and sliced Roma tomatoes on incredibly soft rolls from our favourite Vietnamese bakery down the road.  Why keep these delicious options just for breakfast I say! My husband made us freshly juiced orange juice to quench our thirst, mmm ... just perfect. 

BLET with tomato sauce and aoili. Yum! Not just for breakfast!!

Whilst my perfect day continued with my head on a pillow for two hours, my husband and children enjoyed the garden. This time of the year is great. There's lots to do. My son with his 'forever' construction site in the dirt which my daughter has caught onto and my husband gardening, busying himself around the yard. 

My darling husband later bathed and dressed the children ready for dinner. What a sweetheart(!) and I thawed and prepared a portion of homemade meatballs, tomato sauce and spaghetti, with salad. Too easy. A recipe for another post I promise!

What a beautifully glorious day. I hope you also enjoyed your Sunday with family and/or friends, wherever you are reading this in our little world.

Good night x


  1. What an amazing way to spend the Sunday! That burger looks delicious - beautiful, fresh flavours!


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