Thursday, 29 August 2013

Good Books: 'Koala Lou' by Mem Fox, illustrations by Pamela Lofts

My son has library day each Friday at pre-school. His comment after reading 'Koala Lou' a few nights running was "I want to borrow this book for a long time". We've had this book for almost a month now, tomorrow he'll exchange it for another book. We read it one last time tonight. It will be missed as my daughter has also grown very fond of it and now calls every koala she sees Koala Lou!

"Koala Lou, I do LOVE you!"

It is a beautiful story told in an Australian bush setting. The kind of story which is both appealing to little ones and adults alike and also gives a strong message to siblings. No matter how many siblings you have, your mother will always love you, even if you don't hear it all the time. This is timely given we are expecting our third baby in January. The children both chime in with smiles on their faces when the mother says "Koala Lou, I do LOVE you!" Although not true to reality, i.e. the animals having a Bush Olympics and waving their holiday hats, the message is more important. We did talk about what animals can and can't do in the beginning, so there is a clear understanding that koalas are most certainly not out there climbing trees in races!

The illustrations by Pamela Lofts of the Australian animals are detailed and attractive. The children enjoying spotting the platypus, kookaburra, emu, galah and other animals throughout the book and with so much to comment on, reading Koala Lou took longer and longer each time!

I now have this book on a 'wishlist' to buy later on. It's one I would like to have handy and re-read in December to the children in anticipation. A lovely read for the younger readers expecting a sibling or those who have recently welcomed a sibling into their family.

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