Friday, 28 June 2013

Wet weather gear and The Cake Shop

Today was the most perfectly rainy, foggy and overcast day for the arrival of a recent purchase.

A trip down to the post office early this morning; my son and husband returned with a big envelope. Inside, overall-style pants to match his jacket and smaller sized pants and jacket set for my daughter. Our suburban home regularly receives a lot of rain. A feature I absolutely love, some might find strange! Wet weather gear is essential. Gumboots are even more essential. 

An unexpected but very welcome excuse to visit Grandma arose. 

Growing up, The Cake Shop was only two blocks up the road and it was our favourite. The pies, sausage rolls, custard apple tarts, cinnamon buns and 'slab' cakes were amongst our regularly purchased items. Nothing compares to childhood favourites. I find it hard not to stop by when I visit Grandma. Today was one of those days. A suggested cake shop visit for lunch was met with a welcome agreement. 

My son had caught on that I was going somewhere and was curious. I don't often get to have one on one time with him during the week and when I do it's usually 'quiet time' when his sister is sleeping. Off we went. He in his gumboots, pants and jacket and me in a jacket holding a golf sized umbrella. 

Essentially it was a 'quiet time' of a different nature. We were outside with nature. The rain, puddles, the gaps between the footpath and the nature strip, the kerb all calling to be walked through. There was no stamping going on, which surprised me, just gentle walking and observation. So peaceful. So calm. This is what nature can do. Quietening the most active boy I know. We will be sure to be doing more of this over the holidays. 

It was a treasured moment for me. Walking the well worn path up the road. But this time with my now three and a half year old son. Hand in hand. No hurry. No rush. Just enjoying the rain with the peacefulness and beauty it offers. 

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