Monday, 3 June 2013

Hard working hands need a 'Worker's Soap'

On my side of the family, all the men's work is a physical work using a plethora of tools. This ranges from, but not limited to - power, mechanical, gardening and electrical. There's bound to be grease, dirt and grime involved. At the end of the job, this kind of work demands a 'worker's soap'. 

When visiting Grandma and Grandfather, my son is drawn out the back instantly. He can't be content inside unless he's done a thorough round of the backyard to scope out any changes or new additions, sometimes not returning inside for a very long time. He knows there's lots for him to look at, touch, feel, work with and question. 

Any toddler or preschooler who sees work being done and can be a part of it, is in heaven. Such a strong and wonderful feeling it is to do 'valuable' work. He's with the men and he can contribute. 

There's the can-crusher that Grandfather made. They work on this together. Selecting a can, putting it carefully into position then with the 'grunt' that Grandfather uses, he mimics this sound when pushing the lever down. Cru-u-s-s-h! How satisfying! The now crushed can is tossed into the basket and a new can selected.

At the end of the job, the hands are washed, but not with any soap. The soap Grandfather uses is a 'worker's soap'.

A few weeks ago Grandfather gave him the best gift ever. His very own solvol. He couldn't have been happier. The next day, he asked for his soap. The smile was enormous. He then unwrapped it and took it straight outside to the tap under our deck. With great care, he balanced the soap on the post alongside the tap 'ready' for work. 

An opportunity came up recently. His pre-school was having a working bee and we were rostered on. When discussing with our son in the lead up, we asked him what things we could take. His list went gumboots, gloves and the solvol! 

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