Monday, 22 April 2013

The Library and Good Books

As a new mum, the library provides a wonderful space for little ones and their mums to be, not to mention the benefits of having somewhere lovely to go, which is free!

We began visiting our local library when my son was only months old. We were very lucky, because when we started going - it was brand new - all shiny and sparkling and extremely inviting. We'd spend a good hour there sometimes more, picking up books, reading them together, looking at pictures, lifting up flaps if any, talking about the the size, the weight, anything really. We'd happily leave with a stack of board books tucked in the pram to read further in the comfort of our home. 

Over the years our visits to our local library have not changed. In fact we are now, between ourselves, members of three different council libraries. The children have their own library cards. Aside from the fact there are books for their age, their personal library card gives them a clear message that the library is a space where they can be contributing members. Contributing in the sense that we can request books to be bought if not in the catalogue.

What I have found difficult though is that 'good books' are hard to find. By 'good books' I mean ones that enrich our children's imagination, curiosity and vocabulary. We aim to follow Montessori's principle's of presenting only the appropriate realities of life to the under six. This is due to the study that Maria Montessori conducted that a child under six is unable to distinguish what is fact and what is fiction. By providing the child with a solid reality they are more likely to problem solve much more creatively later on and throughout their life. This is already happening in our home. To read more on this topic click here.  

Bearing this in mind. I shall create an ongoing list of books that we love, that you are most welcome to reference for yourself as a mum, a father, aunty, uncle, grandparent, carer, friend or even neighbour to a young child. I hope you find these helpful.

Here are the first two books in this series. I gifted these to our children two Christmases ago. They are still being read today.

Author Sally Sutton. Illustrator Brian Lovelock

This is an absolute winner when I came across in a bookshop and in fact it really is! A 2009 Picture book category winner in New Zealand.

This was very well received by my then almost two year old son. He absolutely loved the rhythm, rhyme and repetition of the onomatopoeia throughout the book. If he loved it then, he loves it even more now! Now, we talk about what detail is in the picture and question more about the process that is happening and being three its the 'why?' questions.

A wonderful introduction and immersion into the machinery and process in making a road and a fine example of one of those books which you can introduce a child to a age one and over the next few years returning to the book and getting more and more out of it.


Look at you!
Author Kathy Henderson. Illustrator Paul Howard

This is a lovely book for very early readers, by that I mean days or weeks old. It takes the reader through all the exciting developmental stages they enter in the first year or so.

From learning to sit, crawl, pull up and walk right through to daily routines such as eating, bathing, brushing teeth and finishing with sleeping - this book is both delightful and joyful in text and illustrations. 

I first borrowed this from the library and returned it without writing the name down as I intended to get myself a copy. It took months for me to try and remember it!

Next time you are at the library or browsing the bookshop, look out for these treasures and enjoy! 

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