Tuesday, 23 April 2013

On the table: cos, bacon and chickpea salad

Salad leaves are precious things. They look so good in the shop but after a few days, if not stored correctly they start to loose their cool, wilt and become unattractive and then.. uninspiring. 

To overcome this, I buy a small amount only with the view to using them quickly within the day or next day. 

At the greengrocer yesterday, there were some inner leaves of the cos lettuce in the mixed salad section. The best part! The inner leaves make up what's called the 'heart' of the lettuce. Its the heart that is the sweet, crisp and delicious to eat. 

Here's how we enjoyed the fresh cos today with our special guest, my darling sister.

cos lettuce, inner heart leaves
2x bacon short cuts finely diced and fried until crispy
1/2 tin chickpeas, rinsed throughly under water 
3x salad tomatoes, skin cut off and cut 
1x stick of celery, peeled and cut finely
2x gherkins finely cut up
sprinkle of tinned corn for sweetness
boiled eggs

to dress: olive oil and white vinegar
to serve: super fresh 'homemade' loaf from our local bakery
on the side: aioli

The boiled eggs are not in image as this is a practical life activity in itself. The children peel their own egg at the table.


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