Friday, 19 April 2013

Family dinners

My education following school was in hospitality. The course included two years of commercial cookery units - my favourite subject at college. 'Chef' inspired me to cook and to travel. He was Swiss. My goal was to be a hotel manager in a 5 star hotel in Switzerland. I even had a Swiss flag behind my door at home as a reminder. I did end up travelling and working in 5 star hotels at home and in London. Safe to assume I did not become the hotel manager in Switzerland. I left the hospitality industry soon after returning home in my early 20s but the experience nor inspiration has not left me. I love to cook. 

Family dinners are an important meal for us. It's the end of the day conversation in which we discuss the what we did that day, the new things we've learnt, what is coming up, special days and their meanings, celebrations... for my husband and me it's about sharing our news, the children's activities, ideas for around the home, planning... it is also the time of the day where we can relax and enjoy our meal and a glass of wine. 

The days are getting colder. Family dinners call for simple, filling, nourishing and wholesome foods that warm and fill and most importantly involving little helpers as much as possible.

In my next post I'll talk chicken. Yes, really.

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