Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Along the way

As a single girl travelling in Europe, and then later with my husband, I found that allowing myself to put away the map occasionally and allowing myself to get lost made way for the discovery of new and unexpected experiences of the ordinary: flowers growing in public gardens and window boxes, produce markets, quaint cafes, galleries, bookshops, second hand shops...that would have otherwise been passed by.

It was the side streets that I enjoyed exploring the most.

Today, we found ourselves in between appointments with some time to spare. It had been raining. I was curious about the neighbouring suburb - so on we drove. What did we find? Three new parks and at the turn around point, a wharf.

A new playground brings a lot of excitement to little ones. I can't help but join in on this buzz and keep up to date with the local parks. Last year we even received a personal letter from our council inviting us to the opening of the newly redeveloped playground with the mayor. We had been keenly watching the diggers and landscapers craft this playground over the previous months.

The parks today sparked conversation about organising a day to return for a play and a picnic.

The wharf provided an opportunity to get out of the car and discuss the different boats we could see, ask about the life saving ring on the wharf and marvel at the ripples on the water's surface caused by the gentle wind. 

Even after all this we still had time to spare before our next appointment.

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